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Meet Frank G Davis

Award-Winning Author of Original Science Fiction Novels and Short Stories

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Science fiction is my favorite genre. It opens the mind to so many possibilities. I dabbled in writing short Sci-Fi off and on during my adult life. It wasn’t until recently that I began writing novels. Two things prompted the novels.


First, I retired from my work as an aerospace engineer and had more time to write. Second, the coronavirus limited me from many of my favorite past times. After all, you can only watch so many Star Trek reruns. I found myself reciting the dialogs after a while. That was when I decided to start seriously writing.

During the last four years I have self published eleven books, and I just released my twelfth book, The New War Wagon, the fifth book in the War on Crime series. It's available for purchase now.


My Latest Release

The New War Wagon

The New War Wagon

It was supposed to be a reward to Team Joshua for a very successful mission. An unknow government agency was going to cover the cost for an all-expenses paid cruise to Alaska including any and all excursions. In addition to the cruise, a week of side trips to Denali National Park and Fairbanks were included, a total of three weeks of R&R for a job well done.


There was just one little catch. The team was supposed to assist with the testing of a vehicle referred to as a technology demonstrator. Others called it The New War Wagon. It was powered by a small cold fusion reactor, the first one ever built. An added feature was the vehicle could morph into four different configurations. In order to fit in with the civilian population it could be a large motorhome. However, it also had an advanced attack ground vehicle mode, an aircraft mode and a mini submarine mode.


It didn't take long for Team Joshua to realize the vacation was just a cover for the next mission. A powerful foreign country wanted The New War Wagon and would not be denied the technology. The entire state of Alaska and much of the Pacific Ocean was the battle ground. The war was just beginning. Team Joshua was up for the challenge.

My Latest Series

The War On Crime

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The Generations of Hope

"This book is the last in the Generations series by Frank Davis. Although, the last, it covers the beginning of the adventure and details the structure of the technology on which the series is based. Having read the complete series, this book could have been read first setting the tone for the series; however, it is also a great conclusion to an exciting series. The complete series is an amazing read. It is technologically exciting coupled with exciting characters and great adventures leaving the reader wanting more."

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